Five Things To Look For When Hiring a Business Coach

So you've finally decided to get a business coach. But how can you tell if you're choosing the the right one. Here are five things to consider when hiring a business coach.

1) Business Experience: Your business coach should have extensive and applicable experience in the business world. They must have experienced many of the challenges their clients are facing.

2) Outside Perspective: Your business coach should provide a clear outside perspective of your business. It is often the "fresh look" from someone outside of that industry that provides the most value.

3) Empathy: As business owners, we all have periods of frustration and need to vent. Your coach should listen and let you vent, but not jump into the "pity party" with you. Once the venting is over, your coach should be guiding you through possible solutions to address the problem.

4) Aligned with Your Goals: Your coach should be flexible and focus on your goals, needs, and concerns. If you express a desire to focus on a certain area of your business, your coach should respond to, and satisfy, that request.

5) The Accountability Factor: One of the many reasons why coaching is so effective is because of the accountability factor. Your coach should hold you accountable to your commitments. If he/she doesn’t, this is also a warning sign. If you want to move your business forward, you need to be held accountable.


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